Opportunities in the Montessori classroom, learning focus, class trips and community


  Swimming takes place in term 1. Swimming is on Mondays,  Wednesdays and Fridays. Year 4-6 students will attend specialist swimming lessons at Lloyd Elsmore pools for block sessions during the year. 

 Extra learning in the unit

  French lessons continue weekly in small groups throughout the year.

  Music lessons are also weekly.

  Art is offered on Friday  for all students who wish to explore their creative side.

  Gardening is on Fridays for rotating groups.

 The children have access to the use of Mathseeds, Matific and Reading Eggs websites

 Community and Trips

 Laundry - Each week a different child will be assigned the responsibility of taking the Montessori laundry home on a Friday and returning it clean and folded on the following Monday.

 Class trips are organised according to classroom and individual learning needs.  


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