Howick Primary School


The Schools vision is a successful learning environment for children and teachers. The school is extremely supportive of the Montessori Unit and in turn the children have a strong sense of belonging.  Montessori students attend school assemblies, take part in school events (walkathons, book week events), school productions (choirs, dance festivals) and school sports teams and are therefore well integrated into Howick Primary School. They wear the Howick Primary school uniform

Howick Primary has one of the largest primary school grounds in Auckland but maintains very much a community focus, with less than 400 pupils. Facilities include an extensive library and, a swimming pool and two playgrounds.  The grounds have several garden features including vegetable gardens.  Music programmes, life skills programmes, language classes and many after school activities are offered. The school is not zoned.

Children in the Montessori Unit undertake Ministry of Education Assessments in a similar way to other children at Howick Primary.  They are also offered the same opportunities for gifted children and for children with learning difficulties.

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